Admiral Byrd's station

The corner building on the southwest end of the downtown area functioned as a service station for a number of years. At one time it was owned by a man called "Admiral Byrd." He may or may not have actually been an admiral, according to interviewed residents, but he certainly had a commanding personality.

A former childhood employee of Admiral Byrd's, Tim Taylor, describes an experience he had (literally) acquitting two out-of-towners exposed to the Admiral's censure.

The corner building is now enclosed and is part of Ray's Hardware, one of the few businesses still open in the downtown area. Parts of the original walls of Admiral Byrd's station are still visible inside Ray's.

Admiral Byrd's station
1957 Friscola yearbook ad

Ray's Hardware

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Richard Byrd said...

Does anyone recall who actually owned Admiral Byrd's Station (other than "Admiral Byrd?")

Richard Byrd