Godwin's Hotel was one of two downtown hotels in Frisco City's heyday (the other was in an old two-story house, the McMillan home).

The hotel building has 27 rooms upstairs, with about 4 bathrooms, according to current building owner Jimmy Goram, who repaired the roof of the building in 2005. Until 2004, when Hurricane Ivan damaged the roof, people had been renting rooms upstairs, though the hotel had long been closed.

The hotel had been in operation at least since the late 1930s, when the picture below was taken.

A cafe inside was called Jaye's Cafe and seems to have been in existence during the Depression years and into the early 1950s. An interview with Jimmy Goram revealed stories about Jaye's regionally-acclaimed 10-cents-per-gallon soup.

1965 Friscola yearbook photo
The picture appears to have actually been taken in around 1950.

October 2010

From about the early 1950s until the mid-1970s, the building housed Godwin's Hotel and Cafe.

1954 Crimson and White yearbook ad

1952 Crimson and White yearbook ad

Lou Dunn, a Frisco Ciy resident, describes the building.

Th building is now used for storage.


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