People's Bank

An alley separates (and has always separated) the current Ray's Hardware buildings and style shops from the old People's Bank building.

People's Bank was established in Frisco City in 1914, when the town was still named Jones Mill. I have been unable to find picture of the building from this era, but it is obvious from the above photograph that even the alley's side was adorned with arched windows and doors.

Documents from the bank themselves reflect part of the town's history: its name changes. A blank check names the bank's location as "Roy, Alabama," and a 1925 check names the town "Jones Mills, Ala."

The bank building was remodeled between 1969 and 1970, and, in addition to a new facade, the bank gained the adjacent building, which had been a movie theater and then a Western Auto store in preceding decades (1940s, early 1950s-1969).

1972 Friscola yearbook ad

November 2010

By the mid-1980s, People's Bank had merged with United Bank and had moved to a new building just south of the downtown stretch of buildings.

The safe and tellers' desks are still inside the deteriorating building, which is now used for storage.

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