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This is a placeholder post for the buildings I left out when I created this site--due to very little information, no old photographs (yet), and very few interviews (again, yet). I will include them as soon as I'm able to get some more information.

Included in the remaining tour to come:

- J&E Cleaners (old Hendrix Motor Co.), Maughon's Car Wash

- Lasting Creations (currently moving from old FC Tractor and Implement Co. building to Frisco Theater building) 

- The Fillin' Station

- City Hall

- Two buildings destroyed in the 2001 fire that also destroyed the Florey building. (Barfield's Jewelry, a vacant? building)

- SeCe's Styles and Cuts and Willams' Barber Shop (Old Frisco City Post Office building and adjacent building right of Coca-Cola building)

- Building shell that was once Wilkerson's Radio and TV Repair

- Buildings on right side of two empty lots (where Toyland was): one was a dry cleaners, and the last building on the strip was the New Hardware building.

My apologies for getting behind on these buildings. If you know of any old photographs, have any stories about these places, or can tell me about some folks who might, send an email to Thanks.
Also coming soon: new pages on the non-profit group Revive Frisco City and on older civic groups in town (Women's Study Club, Mid-Century Club, Kiwanis Club). I'm still gathering information on these groups, especially the Mid-Century Club and Kiwanis Club. If you've got information on or were a part of one of these groups, shoot me an email at the address above. I'd surely appreciate some help filling in gaps.

In the future I'd also like to add the stories of the remaining businesses not located immediately downtown, including (but definitely not limited to) the Farmer's Co-op, the IGA, Tucker's Farm Center, Southern Pine Electric Cooperative, and Larry's Drive-In, as well as a history of the school, but, as one might imagine, a project like this can get unmanageable very quickly when not tackled in small increments. I appreciate your patience while I work to find and provide an avenue for sharing these stories.

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Hello -
My name is Bill Fleming. I am a librarian at Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale, VA ( One of our History professors would like to contact you to talk about some of your work. Any chance that you could send me an e-mail ( a way to contact you? Thanks very much.

Bill Fleming
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