Downtown Frisco City: Then and Now

This rephotographic tour of Frisco City will cover as many buildings as possible of the downtown business area beginning on the south end, at the intersection of Central Avenue and Bowden St./Hwy 21, and examining the west side of Bowden St. toward the north end and former Frisco Theater. Then, beginning with J.J. McWilliams & Son at the intersection of Bowden St. and the Excel/Frisco Hwy., the tour of the east side of Bowden St. travels back south toward Central Avenue.

For many of these businesses, I can only estimate dates of their existences from ads and interviews. I hope at a future time to find concrete dates for the comings and goings of businesses from tax records and insurance maps. The interviews featured in this blog cover a period from about the 1940s to the 1960s, so information on the building and the numerous businesses that cycled through it is loosely confined to those decades. 

To start the "tour," select a building from the menu on the left.  

For now, welcome to Frisco City.


trishe69 said...

This is an awesome blog about our hometown! I hope that you will continue to make additions to it. Such as the Brownings (I think) Dry Cleaners beside Toyland.

sidv60 said...

Hello -
My name is Bill Fleming. I am a librarian at Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale, VA ( One of our History professors would like to contact you to talk about some of your work. Any chance that you could send me an e-mail ( a way to contact you? Thanks very much.

Bill Fleming
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