Charles Florey Building (Bowen's Cafe and Dentist's Office)

Bowen's Cafe

Bowen's Cafe replaced Tatum Furniture on the left side-ground floor of the Florey building toward the late 1950s.

No pictures of Bowen's Cafe have been located for this project, but an amusing ad surfaced in a 1966 ad to The Monroe Journal newspaper (published 9 miles away in Monroeville).

Jimmy and Fredia Tatum describe the cafe below.

Just to the right of the furniture store/Bowen's Cafe building, a set of stairs led to apartments and doctors' offices upstairs, most notably the office of Dr. S.A. Weeks. 

Dr. Weeks's Office

Dr. S.A. Weeks set up his practice upstairs in the Florey building in 1952.

1955 Crimson and White yearbook ad

The experience of a visit to Dr. Weeks is best described by his patients themselves:

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