Charles Florey Building (Drug Store)

The right side--bottom floor of the Florey building was, for these decades, almost always occupied by a drugstore (which changed ownership several times but remained in operation throughout the building's existence). 

1970 Friscola yearbook ad

November 2010

Some Frisco City residents (Lou Dunn, Jimmy and Fredia Tatum) describe the drugstore and some of the items it sold.

1964 Friscola yearbook ad. The woman on the far left is Mrs. McCants, who made sandwiches, etc. The man standing on the far right is "Pink" Albritton, the drugstore's owner.

1971 Friscola yearbook ad

November 2010

Most people who remember the drugstore in the 1950s and 1960s seem to particularly remember the man who operated the soda fountain and made milkshakes, Jack Blanton.

Blanton works at the soda fountain in the lower left edge of the photograph.
1955 Crimson and White yearbook ad

Blanton stands on left with other drugstore staff members ("Pink Albritton" is third from left). 1956 Crimson and White yearbook ad

When the Florey building burned in 2001, two other buildings between it and the Coca-Cola Bottling Co. building were also destroyed. At the time of the fire one building was vacant and the other was a closing jewelry and gift shop.

November 2010
The back corner of the Coca-Cola building is visible on the right.


Rance Wiggins said...

I worked at People's Drug store from 1980 to 1981. Mrs. McCants was the sweetest lady. The most memorable thing about the counter, with the red rotating bar stools, was to look under the counter and see all the chewing gum placed there over the years. I recall mixing milkshakes on the old green mixers for customers. Mr. Roy Ray would come in several times a day for a dime cup of coffee. I was sadden to hear the store burned in 2001. There were so many memories and conversations held at the counter while people enjoyed ice cream, milkshakes, and coffee.

bamanut01 said...

That is my my sister, Margaret Shanks Byrd in the 1971 Friscola yearbook ad. I have great memories of the drug store and all of Frisco City. Nice, friendly people. When I was in grade school, my parents owned a business in downtown Frisco City. My younger sister and I, Karen Williamson Moore walked from school to the my parents store and momma would give us 20 cents out of her cash register every afternoon and we would walk to the drug store and buy a fountain coke and a bag of chips or crackers. I remember it was scandalous when sales tax went up and she started having to give us 21 cents.