Frisco Theater

The "block building" theater, the Frisco Theater, opened in the early 1950s and stayed in business into the 1960s.

Early 1950s photo by Max McAliley

November 2010

1963 Friscola yearbook ad for Frisco City Tractor and Implement Co.
The side of the theater is visibile in the background.

November 2010

Frisco City residents Lou Dunn, Jimmy Tatum, and Annie Laura Tatum tell some of their memories of experiences in the theater.

Residents describe the workings of the theater:
Jimmy and Fredia Tatum, Lou Dunn, Annie Laura Tatum, and Tim Taylor

The theater was the last movie theater open in Frisco City.
The building is now a warehouse for D&D Furniture Factory Outlet.


Nick said...

You didn't mention that the theater served as a Bill's Dollar store for years up until the 1990's.

maryataylor said...

Thanks, Nick. That's all I remember that building ever being, but I hadn't found a concrete starting date for it yet. Turns out it was also a food distribution center in the 60s/70s. The folks pressure-washing the building revealed that, as well as a couple of Theater names.

maryataylor said...

Look for this post and the one about the Hayes/Norris barbershop to be greatly expanded in the coming weeks.

Davidjohn said...

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