Jones Mill Post Office

One building in a lot behind Hendrix Motor Company was the old Jones Mill Post Office, which survived from 1915, when Frisco City was actually named "Roy," but the building operated as the "Jones Mill" Post Office for several years, before the post office moved to a building closer to the downtown center.

The old post office building deteriorated until 1976, when an enthusiastic group of Frisco City women undertook its renovation as a bicentennial project.

The Jones Mill Post Office is now located just south of the downtown area in a space designated as Jones Park. The building shares the spot with the J.W. Jones house, the Jones Mill Jail building, a historical marker, and a caboose from Frisco City's namesake, the "Frisco" line (St. Louis & San Fransisco Railroad).

Members of the Women's Club decorate the old Post Office building for the town's centennial celebration, 1988

October 2010

Though the building houses some memorabilia, its openings to the public are limited.

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